Monday, September 22, 2008

Tag: Survey puasa

Tag: Survey Puasa

Tagged by: Shafie aka Mactel

Are you fasting right now?
- tak =P beat my rank la sape paling banyak lol

What would you like to have for buka?
- cuaca ice blended chocolate with ice cream n whipped cream..same as below entry

Describe Malaysia’s politics(currently) in one word
- as usual politic..suma negara sama je

What wud u like ur boyfriend/girlfriend to call u the most?
- dunno perhaps different from everyone special sikit.. =)

What are the five things that would absolutely make u happy?
- family, kucing, frenz, internet, shopping

Who tagged you?
- shafie @ Mactel

Describe the person who tagged you
- ahah...kenal kat blog..kawan mave@aslam..same je mcm osmet dia pemalu

Tagging: optional nak buat2 tanak buat sudah ---> syafrin (org mabuk bercinta), putchi, eekin(update la oi), azam (amik ko buat jangan tak buat), nana(rumetku sila update) =P

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