Monday, February 27, 2017

The Win A Wish Contest by Shopback!

Its been a while since last time I updated my blog. But for this time, I really encourage to update my blog just to win this for my love of my life, my family! 

For this time round, I will list out the wishlist that have crossed my mind when Shopback is offering to grant 10 lucky wishmakers during their Shopback Malaysia 2nd Anniversary Birthday on 22 February 2017!

There are many merchant that Shopback offering but my favourite is always Lazada and So there goes my wishlist... please Santa Shopback, grant my wish pleaseeeeeeeeee as I just finish my confinement period, now it is time for me to pamper myself and enjoy with my little family. .

1. Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Any room should be ok with me as long as there is private pool for us so I can wear a Bikini hahahah! 

2. Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Please Shopback, give me this vacationnnnn. I really want it but can't afford. I'm really sure my little baby Haris Naufal (now he is 2 month old) really love to swim in such a beautiful private pool! I already bought his swimming neck float at Ali Express! Of course using Shopback so I can get my cashback heheheh!

3. Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 Booster Seat

Soon my baby will grow up and he need this chair to sit. I've aim this booster since he is my tummy heheh. Haris Naufal, mommy will win this for youuuuuu

4. Philips Avent Combined Baby Food Steamer & Blender

Huwarghhhhhh i really want this but I can't afford. With this I'm sure my daily chores will become so much easier to prepare healthy food for my baby! More puree for my baby! In my house now, I only have blender to prepare sambal belacan. Of course I cannot use it to prepare my baby food. Me want thissssss Yeahhhhh
5. Poh Kong Bunga Raya Gold Bar 2g

Of Course gold is so much valuable this day!

6. Alpha Living (Louis Le Petit) Light Weight Stroller / Compact and Portable Travel Baby Stroller

This stroller will be convenient for me as now I have the big one and heavy! So If I got this stroller, it really help me to handle it alone with my baby.

7. Midea Chest Freezer

My current refrigerator is now full. Now I'm a mother I really need more frozen storage to store my breast milk. It is really important for my baby needs. Hope can win this for you lil munchkin =)

So lets join guyssssss...Let me help you how to use Shopback! Trust me you won't regret!

 Browse and go to and sign up.

You can see many merchant up to 300++ that you can get cashback when you shopping

For example click on Lazada and you can see how many percent that you can get when you shopping using Shopback and you will redirect to Lazada straightly

Important: Use the same window. Do not open new tab as Shopback cannot track the transaction and you will lose your cashback.

Start shopping until you finish your transaction

An email will be send to you when your latest transaction is credited. They said it will be a couple of days but sometimes the cashback is credited within hours only. Yeahhhh awesome!

You can see your cashback by click at the My Cashback. Some are still pending and some you can start redeem as early as 30 days. Yippeee

You can also request a payout 

Enter details and your cashback will be credited into your bank account! Easy Peasy righttttt

I'm so regret that I found Shopback late as I am still new using it. Although I am still new, but I found that I have save more since I'm using it. Shopback also offer some bonus and more deals through out the year and you also can earn bonus if you refer friends. So start Shopback now friends!!!

Everything I do is for you my baby. I love you. Hope to win this for youuuuu

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