Friday, October 15, 2010

Jawatan Kosong untuk JURUTERA aka Engineer

Salam all,

Please be informed that our company is looking for suitable candidates for an engineer position. All the staffs are encouraged to bring in their friends and good friends to join our happy teams. The tip is as usual; "Always looking for friends who will mix well team members and could help us in our daily assignment". The requirements are;

1. Degree/Diploma in Engineering, preferably Electrical Engineering.
2. 1 - 2 years experience in related fields (Telecommunications).
3. Preference will be given to the candidates with the following;
    a. CCNA
    b. Experience in mobile communications roll-outs (3G and WiMAX)
    c. Experience in IP networking/ NMS
    d. Experience in managing project roll-outs
    e. Willing to be part of 24x7 maintenance activities.
4. Fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply.

I think you know well about our company. Please be as accurate as possible when describing our jobs activities and company environment. Do not forget to forward the resume to Kak Fizah at,

Hok ni kita suka ko calon lelaki!


Zuhaimin MOHAMED

Tumpat Solutions Sdn Bhd
37 & 37-F, Jalan Mutiara Subang 1
Taman Mutiara Subang
47500 Subang Jaya


email  dr my boss kawan2 yg berminat leh la forward email...chow dulu...gua mau pegi site =)


Al said...


nk apply lg skali kat tumpat solution leh x?
bln 7 ritu da g ntvu tp x dpt..huhu
siap sembg ngn mr winston ngn en. suhaimi bkn maen lg..
sbb xde xprience kot

tp skrg nk sgt dpt kje
ade cara yg ssuai x???

CikanoT said...

hehe apply je lagi sekali

insyaallah kali ni pasti boleh =)

mana tau kali ke-2 ok...dapat keje hehehehe

cara yg sesuai kena la tunjukkan minat kita kat bidang ni n kena bersungguh2...insyaallah pasti boleh chiayok!

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