Tuesday, December 09, 2008

yeah khamis balik!

warning: any irrelevant words and phrase or grammar mistake used by author, plz just ignore it =P bi saya berterabur ok..since there are so many request asking me to use english for my entry so i use it la depending on my mood ok...

i'm going back this thursday so guys i'm off from thursday and will be back on monday hehehehe...all people going home and got stuck in jam yesterday but me? ahahah i've got my own plan..going back on thursday so i tak 'sangkut' la in da traffic jam! although i'm not celebrating hari raya with my family but i know i will enjoy myself this weekend..hehehe~ for all bpians! this weekend from 12-14th dec, bp mall will held a pc my dad ask for my favor to give him a little bit advice regarding which laptop is good for him...ahahhaha abah nak beli laptop yerk??? how about sony viao??? da pink one? ngeh ngeh~ we switch laptop la then i give mine to my dad and i'll take my dad's..hahaha..brilliant idea ngeh ngeh ngeh~

ok bye...i'm going to post office...just finish 11 letter for practical training...hopefully i will be hire =) total company right now= 24 company...chiayok2! another 16 company to apply

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