Tuesday, December 23, 2008


fyp??final year project la... hahahaah fyp2 is my worst's true!! betul kata nana! i think start from this sem my eyes will getting blur and mind blur and my eyes also blur~ wahhh pakej today i went to see my supervisor....of course discussing on my project which i worried the most! my project need to use matlab software...hahaha matlab??? i wish i know how to use the software...huwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! today i told everything to my supervisor about how super blur i am to get the output of my project...and guess what?? he show me all of his works..all of his MASTER final year project is the same level as master student works...aiyayayayaya! no wonder i dunno how to do it =P he gave me all of his works and ask me to get the output by next week... next week???? hehehehe btw i'm going back to bp on thursday...yehaaa! cuti 5 hari beb...of course when i'm at home i will super duper malas to finish my works...but this time! i will push my self to do it! chiayok2

p/s sempat sir suhaimi tuka nama pen drive aku dr 'cikanot' kepada 'cikanotnot'...adeh~

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