Saturday, December 13, 2008

pc fair~

went to pc fair...and my dad bought this

valueble price actually bcoz it comes with free gift worth laser mouse, sony dvd player, sony briefcase, sony backpack, original software and many more! i cilok arr that dvd set player..guess what?? because its pink colour! uishhhh very sweet la i tell u! ahahhaa i'm aiming on buying a printer but looking on the price of sony vaio i just tengok2 je la that printer..wakakaka~ later la when my loan is credited to my account...i buy all that stuff~

this stuff? a gift from my sista..i dunno why she gave me this...after we fetch her at summit...she throw this to me..."tuko la akak punye beg tu..buruk dah ana tengok..nah amik!"..wakakkaaa....i dunno plak that she is so concern about my appearance..wakaka appearance la sangat lol

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