Sunday, December 21, 2008

oh abg kedai charlie cute

hahahahah at last i finish doing my assignment! n after one whole day staring at the screen and dancing my finger on the keyboard so i want to reward my self today....we (me, abed, nita, kei, yati n syida) went to jomheboh which held at bukit jalil....ahahahaha alaaaa dekat je ngan uniten! erk...actually this is the first time i went to jomheboh...n guess what...i'm so tired la!! there were so many people...and i am the type that cannot stand with the what the hell am i doing at jomheboh? dah terang-terangan la ramai org kat sana? padan muke!

actually there also one reason why i went there..i want to meet bangbil if possible but what i met is...only da picture of him! *sigh*

haha..we all have strategy tau.. first we 'empty' our stomach and after we reached there...we 'sapu' all the sample given...nyum nyum! pasta, ayam a1, mamee, n many our money aite??
all the booth were doing promotion..n i end up bought a lipstick only rm10 (regular price is rm18) silkygirl~ ngeh ngeh and i also bought mamee slurp...of course la...stock megi~

duhhhh i don't want to get sunburn! dah la ade org tu ckp aku itam =(

so so hot day...i can't stand it anymore and besides the crowds getting bigger...arghhh!!! so many people..i can't breath this is bcoz i'm not so so tall compare to the probability i'm not able to breath is high! wakakakak

so after that..we going back to uniten and have to get through the heavy traffic jam first...duhh got stuck again..but luckily this time i'm not driving =P

p/s i think i will think twice if my friend ask me to go to jomheboh again..erk? penat+can't stand the heat n the crowd

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