Tuesday, December 16, 2008

100 markah

congrats to my sista coz she passed her theoretical exam for driving..hahahhaa wif flying colours tau..she got 100! same as me 5 years ago..i also got 100 marks...hahaha~ i told her before...u can't beat me but u can get as high as me...ngeh~

last week...she begged me to teach her how to drive...i said 'no'! hahahhaa no la until she get her license...but because i pity of i just let her drove my car...but only a few inches that car moved...because than i started to freak out! hahhahaa huish cannot la..kang calar balar kereta my car is automatic so i don't want her to drive my car....because during my time my dad let me to drive manual car so i can get comfortable with manual car...only after that he let me to drive automatic car because i live in selangor...duhhh everyday got stuck in jam!

hahahhaa my sister has to go for her PLKN! wakakkaa so dia tak dpt belajo keta lg..kah kah kah~

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