Sunday, December 21, 2008

esemen 2000 words

rite now i'm pushing myself to finish up this 2000 words assignment...what the fun???? dr chandan said to work in pair for this assignment but i couldn't find any partner..indeed i rather doing it by myself...not forget to mention i always be an independent person since i'm studying in UNITEN..perhaps it doesn't bother me either...but not to forget 2000 words??? arghhhh i finally realize this assignment is harder than i think...couldn't find sources in internet...haishhh~ i just finishing typing 1250 words and remain only 750 words....wait wait? only???? wakakaka...i could takes 1 whole day to finish those thing with less sources...wakakkaak~ pray for me isk isk

just chit chat wif my sister...i tell her about how worry i am about my training application...until now i sent 30 application and i'm waiting for a good reply i guess....plz plz god help me...wuuuu~ she said i'll be good then because she believe i can do it..ahahha she always believe on me?? ahah so thats why la i've kept so many secret of her...hahahhaa...i tell mak n abah la..can can???

sleepy already..oh welcome to bloggers mave@aslam...he really excited to post new entry...hahahah how about post new entry about my kindness..wakakak~ kidding lol.. i just don't know what to say since my 'orang belakang' suruh update...hohohoho she left me home alone (alone la sangat) and make me craving and crying to have bytes (which i order her to buy for me hehehe)...ohh full stop! i'm going to bed daaa~

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