Friday, January 02, 2009

hepi new year

happy new year to everyone~ hahaha resolution? same resolution la every year but this year i want to grad from uniten n i hope any company out there would hire me..amin!

on new years eve i decided to work on my fyp..yehaaa~ i watched fireworks from my house...(ceh tak nampak pon)..hahaha bcoz i know my mom will call me at that night to check whether i'm at home or not =P

yesterday i went to mid valley n jusco equine....hahahha at first i want to buy something but looking at all stuff and all the things i become frustated..huh i think those are old stock...n they want to clearance i dun manage to buy the shoes that i want..what i bought is slack pants..(ye la untuk praktikal nnt) =P

eh putih la i kat leh la pakai contacts lense biru lol (hanya org2 yg berkenaan paham akan lawak ini)

kepoyoan ngan nasi lemak dia haha

ecececec bajet kiut la tu

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