Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Happiest Moment

I wanted to share the happiest moment for me n my family during our vacation in Bukit Tinggi, Padang Indonesia Last June...The shots taken at Puncak Lawang where it's the place for Paragliding to take off. Unfortunately, we're not doing Paragliding though because I'm scared...So we just taking shots with beautiful scenery there. I'm glad that my family is very sporting because I asked 'Pak Supir' (our driver) to capture our family photo while we're 'flying'. After several shots we manage to capture the perfect photo. Thanks to dearest mum and dad..Although they bubbling "sampai sakit kaki mak n abah tau..lompat2"...Hehehe...thanks also to my siblings for doing so much 'acrobatic' stunts there. These picture will be My Happiest Moment ever   and it will remain in my memories until I grow ages. I Love My Family =)

I'm taking part in My Happiest Moment Contest by Olympus =)


Anonymous said...

Ooo masuk contest..patut la entry omputeh..hekhek

CikanoT said...

tu ah berkarat bi hohooh

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