Sunday, November 05, 2006

About guys, Turned ON, OFF, or DC (Don't Care)

kena tag ngan totin..ok gak lepaskan tension study~

About guys, Turned ON, OFF, or DC (Don't

Is taller than you:ON!

Is shorter than you:OFF!

Wears braces:OFF!

Has blue eyes:ON!

Has green eyes:ON!

Has hazel eyes:ON!

Brown eyes:ON!

Drinks alcohol: TOTALLY OFF!

Wears glasses:DC!

Smokes:OFF!(Bila dier nak berenti :(....?)

Plays sports:ON!

Smiles a lot:ON!

Calls you just to say Hi:ON! (saje nak manje2)

Compliments you:ON!

Good dancer:ON! (pandai ke nari?)

Wears jewelry:OFF! (akue jerk pakai takpe)

Smiles when you walk in the room:ON!

Has brown hair:ON!

Has Black hair:ON!

Has blonde hair:OFF(like the way his hair now)

Has red hair:OFF!

Makeup:OFF (akue jerk bley)

Can make you laugh at any given moment:ON

Loyal:ON (tak yah wisau)

Plays guitar:DC

Plays drums:DC

Sing: DC

He's buff (muscles):ON

He can draw:ON

Easily jealous:OFF!

Doesn't eat meat:DC!

Doesn't eat vegetables:DC!

Has a tattoo:OFF

Has a lip ring:OFF

Has tongue ring:OFF

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