Sunday, November 25, 2018

Unboxing Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival!

Unboxing 11.11 Lazada Shopping Festival! that took place on 11 November 2018 on Lazada Malaysia! So let's see what did I bought!

MEGA BLOKS Scooping Wagon for only RM99. Normal price is RM209.90! Massive discount I got. I aim for this for a long time for my son 2nd Birthday. So here am I unboxing them. Fast delivery!

I am satisfied. Thank you Lazada!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Lazada Shopathon Sale on 27th September 2018!

It is time for reward my self after the tough weeks and the work load. So I can't wait for Lazada Sale! You all wanna know that Lazada Shopathon Sale ( will take place on 27 September 2018 Oh My God I'm so exciteddddd! Can't wait to shopppingggggggg! 

First I'm gonna look is Fossil Store : !

Because my wallet is already torn and I need a new one. Of Course it has served me for about 10 years I think. Recommend and quality brand I tell you. I must take this opportunity during this Lazada Shopathon Sale ( to reward my self! So proceed to Fossil you all! 

My favourite stores for my son is Mattel Store: ( ! 

My son turns two this December and I saw his interest in cars and truck. Mommy gonna buy you lots of cars for you my dear for your Birthday present! Of Course Hot Wheels from Mattel!

 Not to forget we have to be updated every time right. So I'm gonna browse for new phone at my favourite Samsung Store: ( . 

Guess what am I gonna to buy? Note 9 hahahahhaha. I really want this, thank god Lazada also provide installment and for someone like me, I found it very useful and not to burden myself to pay 'lamsam' . Thanks Lazada, I love you so much!

So everyone, don't forget this 27 September 2018 to head on to your favourite Lazada Store. Remember Lazada Shopathon Sale ( ! It is time for Shopping!

My mom and I love Lazada so much!

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Lazada Shopathon Blogger Contest

I love September!!! You know what besides it is the month that I born, September got a lot of public holiday yesssssss! And it is perfect for shopping. You want to know what happen on this 9.9. Discounttttttt up to 90% off! Yes come and join now on 9.9 Festival sale ( that will take place from 6 to 9 September 2018.

Can’t wait to shop at Lazada. My Top 3 products that I would like the most in Lazada. Here we comeeee!!

I wish to put TV in my kitchen so that while I'm cooking I can 'listen' to my Drama. Yeah listen not watch ya Hahahahhaa. Tiny one just nice because I have a very cute kitchen hehhee

Mega blocksssss! Wish to give this to my son. Definitely he love itttttt

Tractor! My son got a bike already. Now it is time for him to own the tractor. Actually I'm the one who excited more than him Hahahahhaa.

So everybody there are lots of discount at Lazada on 9.9. Don't missed the fun. Head now to 9.9 Festival sale (

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

#MYTravelAdventure #TravelokaMY – The Banjaran Hotsprings & Retreat, Ipoh Perak.

Day 1

Our first experience at The Banjaran Hotsprings & Retreat Ipoh, Perak. Seriously I think this is the best resort I've ever stayed in Malaysia. Privacy & close to nature. 

You can book through Traveloka at and search for The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. As you can see this resort offer 2 type of Villa.

Water Villa that cost you RM1650 per night and Garden Villa that cost RM1850 per night. Each villa has their own private pool. So cool right!!! 

Actually it is kind of easy to find The Banjaran. Take Ipoh Exit and follow the signboard to this resort. You will find a post guard that will check the name of guest on that day. Yes, they seriously take a privacy matter. No public entrance to this resort, only the guest. Oh, just so you know this resort is preferred for couple or newly married because we can't bring child to the hotel as it is probably can disturb other guest.


Yeah that is my husband enjoying his welcome drink. I think it is lemongrass + ginger. It is kind of drink that we use to drink in the spa hehe. We arrived a little bit earlier, so the staff take us sightseeing first around the resort and ride the buggy. The staff were so nice to us. Of Course, it is 5 star hotel! 

The 'Gendang' is like a tradition, whenever new guest is arriving we have to knock this Gendang. Yessss, the sound is so loud that entire resort can heard you haha!

Yeah our villa is Garden Villa No.9. Jaw dropping to see the big private pool. For me, I am so excited! Yeahh I can jump in the pool after this! 

The staff brief to us about the villa. Each of the things they telling us. Nice staff indeed. The key are like watch. They are waterproof. 

The hall. Look at the queen haha. We kinda excited so we take picture every corner of the villa hehehe. The biggest villa I've ever stay in my life!

Wohooo the private pool!

The bathroom so big. Bigger than my room at home =P

The bedroom!

Their welcome gift is so unique, a card and a pomelo. Ipoh's signature fruit it is. I love Pomelo so much! Thanks The Banjaran!

All complimentary ..Yesss!

The housekeeper send this prayer mat for us...Although we didn't request any. So lovely. 

Time for us to have fun in the pool! 

This is geothermal water Jacuzzi! The water is so warm and natural. Love it so much! It is located at the back of the villa. So you have private pool and private Jacuzzi! 

Later that night, we have our romantic dinner inside the Jeff Cellar which is a limestone cave. Inside is very spectacular! If you want to have dinner inside the Jeff Cellar, have to make a reservation first.

Route to the Jeff Cellar

The entrance la..

Inside the cave and our table. First time we dine like this. Very romantic for couple.

Having my bread first and the appetizer! Just so you know, I don't even know which one of this 'tools' i need to use first. Hehe

It is a egg shell with some bean spouts and tuna in it

Black Tofu soup. I saw this once in Asia Food Channel and tonight I have a chance to taste this dishes. But not my taste hehe. 

Hot Appertizer - Shrimp Coconut Gravy

This is See Bass Fish. Loveee the fishhh. So juicy.

Lastly is the desserttttttt. Lava cake my favourite with Basil Ice Cream. I don't know we can use Basil to make Ice Cream. Last time I check, I use Basil to make spaghetti =P

Total dinner inside the cave is RM400 with lifetime experience! After that, we take several picture and return to our villa to have a nice good sleep! 

Full Moon

Day 2 

On the way to breakfast. Enjoying the nature scenery 

They have morning activities that you can take part such as Yoga and Jungle Walk which can take you straight to the Lost World Of Tambun directly. 

Our Ala-Carte Breakfast so yummy!

After that we walk around the resort. They so much more you can visit here.


After that we went to Crystal Cave!

As you can see this a natural hot spring! You can see the smoke there! It so hot that you can cook eggs!

This is steam cave. You don't need sauna as this cave is like a natural sauna. We were sweating like hell. It only just a couple of minutes we in there. 

This is pool for ice bath. You can request ice from the staff.

This stairs take you to see the entire resort.

Hot dipping pot! They have different temperature you can choose..

Natural Fish Spa

Hahahaha. The fish eating 'something' from my feet!

Reflexology your feet here!


Entrance to Meditation Cave

The view so stunning!

Yeah the resort so big that we didn't realize that we have walk so much until noon. It is time for lunch..Ermmmm love the food!

After that is our spa session!

Private Room for us! So privacy!

After massage we have Milk Coconut Bath. So fresh!

You can also request to have a candle light dinner besides the lake.

This is Water Villa

Day 3 - Last Day

Today is breakfast buffet! As usual. All delicious!

Bye bye The Banjaran! Till we meet again..I'm so in love with the resort. Hope to stay here again! So this is #MYTravelAdventure. What yours?? Book now via Traveloka
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